29 Top Side Hustles for Nurses

Side hustles for nurses have become an increasingly popular avenue in today’s dynamic professional landscape. In the hustle and bustle of modern life, many professionals are finding value in pursuing side hustle opportunities beyond their primary jobs to diversify income streams, hone skills, and ignite passions. For nurses, a profession deeply rooted in care, science, and patient education, the world of side hustles offers myriad avenues to channel their unique expertise. Not only can these endeavours provide additional financial security, but they can also offer avenues for personal and professional development.

The skills nurses cultivate, including deep medical knowledge, empathy, patience, and excellent communication abilities, set them apart as invaluable assets in numerous sectors. Whether disseminating health information, educating the next generation, or exploring entrepreneurial ventures, nurses are well-poised to make a significant impact. Here are 29 Unique side hustles for Nurses given.

1. Health Blogging/Vlogging:

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Today, with the digital era in full swing, platforms such as blogs, YouTube, and even Instagram offer nurses a voice. Nurses can establish themselves as authorities in the health sector by sharing unique on-the-job experiences, explaining intricate medical procedures in layman’s terms, or busting health myths. As traction grows, so do monetization strategies – from Google AdSense to partnering with medical brands for promotional content.

2. Health Consultation:

With the depth of medical knowledge nurses possess, they can venture into health consultation. Platforms like JustAnswer or HealthTap allow professionals to offer advice. While some may seek dietary advice, others might have queries about medications or health conditions. Each interaction can be rewarding both emotionally and financially.

3. Nursing Tutor:

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The nursing curriculum can be challenging. Students often require guidance beyond classroom hours. By offering tutoring services – perhaps creating a dedicated website or using platforms like Chegg Tutors – experienced nurses can assist with coursework, provide insights into practical assessments, or offer advice on navigating the demanding world of medical healthcare.

4. Medical Writing:

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Not only is there a demand for patient-centric material, but also for well-researched articles that communicate the latest in medical advancements. Medical websites, research institutions, and health magazines continuously seek skilled writers who can distill complex information into readable content.

5. Telehealth Services:

The pandemic underscored the value of telehealth. Nurses can join platforms like Teladoc or Amwell, offering patients convenience by remotely diagnosing minor ailments, providing post-hospitalization care guidance, or simply discussing health concerns.

6. Wellness Coaching:

With a holistic view of health, nurses can guide individuals in achieving a balanced lifestyle. From personalized diet plans to mental health exercises, wellness coaching can be conducted via dedicated websites, social media, or platforms like BetterHelp.

7. First Aid or CPR Trainer:

Knowledge of first-response techniques is crucial. Schools, corporate institutions, or community centers regularly seek experts to instruct in First Aid or CPR, ensuring individuals are equipped to handle emergencies.

8. Selling Medical Supplies:

The medical supply industry is vast. Nurses can facilitate sales by collaborating with manufacturers or wholesalers, leaning on their insights to offer products that truly benefit healthcare institutions or individual consumers.

9. Home Health Care:

With an aging population, services like post-operative care or assistance for chronic conditions at home are in demand. Platforms like Care.com can help nurses connect with families seeking professional home health care services.

10. Medical Transcription:

Hospitals and clinics churn out vast amounts of audio data daily. Transcribing these into organized documents ensures that vital information is easily accessible and searchable.

11. Travel Nurse:

For those with wanderlust, agencies like TravelNurseSource offer assignments across different states or even countries, allowing nurses to experience diverse cultures while practicing their profession.

12. Lactation Consultant:

Many new mothers struggle with breastfeeding. As a lactation consultant, nurses can offer vital guidance, ensuring both mother and baby have a healthy start.

13. Medical Coding:

Every patient’s diagnosis and treatment are translated into codes for billing and insurance purposes. Given its complexity, specialized institutions often seek professionals for this task, making it a viable side hustle.

14. Healthcare Recruiting:

With an intimate understanding of the healthcare industry, nurses can serve as recruiters, ensuring hospitals or clinics get the best talent.

15. Birth Doula:

Beyond medical assistance, childbirth is an emotional journey. Doulas provide mothers with the psychological support they need, ensuring a positive childbirth experience.

16. Massage Therapy:

Combining therapeutic techniques with anatomical knowledge, nurses can assist patients in managing pain or offer relaxation, especially to those dealing with chronic conditions.

17. Medical Illustrator:

Especially beneficial for those with an artistic bent, medical illustrations aid in research, academic materials, or patient education, visually communicating complex medical concepts.

18. Personal Fitness Trainer:

By combining insights into the human body with fitness techniques, nurses can curate regimens that cater to individual health goals and physical constraints.

19. Elderly Companion Services:

Many elderly individuals live alone and yearn for companionship. Beyond just company, nurses can monitor health, ensure timely medication, and engage in cognitive activities, enhancing seniors’ quality of life.

20. Nutrition Consulting:

By curating diet plans or offering guidance on nutritional supplements, nurses can help individuals manage health conditions or achieve wellness objectives.

21. Health App Development:

With the surge in health tech, there’s a demand for apps that track health metrics, offer medical advice, or connect patients with doctors. Nurses can provide insights, ensuring these apps are user-friendly and medically accurate.

22. Medical Photography:

Medical photographers capture the intricacies of medical procedures, document unique cases for research, or even create patient-awareness materials.

23. Alternative Medicine Practitioner:

As the world leans towards holistic health, services like acupuncture, aromatherapy, and chiropractic care are rising. Nurses can venture into these fields with proper certification, offering patients alternative healing solutions.

24. Medical Interpreter:

In multicultural societies, language can often be a barrier in healthcare. Fluent multilingual nurses can serve as bridges, ensuring clear communication and effective patient care.

25. Health Podcasting:

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Podcasts offer a blend of entertainment and education. Nurses can interview experts, discuss recent medical developments, or share patient stories, reaching wide audiences.

26. Nurse Life Coaching:

Beyond just health, life coaching involves guiding individuals through career decisions, personal challenges, or life transitions, drawing from nursing experiences.

27. Pharmaceutical Sales Rep:

With a deep understanding of medications and their effects, nurses can serve as liaisons between pharmaceutical giants and healthcare providers, ensuring that the latter are updated on the latest drug advancements.

28. Healthcare Event Planning:

Organizing events requires meticulous planning, whether seminars, conferences, or workshops. Nurses can ensure relevant topics, speakers are qualified, and operations run seamlessly.

29. Online Nursing Courses:

Online education is booming. Nurses can tap into this trend by creating modules or courses, aiding students or professionals in expanding their medical knowledge and skills. Platforms like Udemy or Teachable can host these courses, offering a global reach.


For nurses, the realm of side hustles is vast and varied, presenting opportunities that resonate with diverse interests and strengths. Whether driven by financial goals, a thirst for knowledge, or the simple desire to make a broader impact, nurses have the skillset and dedication to excel in countless endeavours. These 29 side hustles are just a starting point, an invitation to explore and innovate, and further cement nurses’ role as multifaceted professionals in an ever-evolving world.

(FAQs) Side Hustles for Nurses

What qualifications are necessary for starting a health consultation service?

Answer: Generally, to start a health consultation service, you’d need to have a valid nursing or medical license, depending on your jurisdiction. Having additional certifications or specializations can also be beneficial. Ensure you know and comply with your area’s legal or regulatory requirements.

Are any legal concerns or certifications required to teach First Aid or CPR?

Answer: Yes, to teach First Aid or CPR, you typically need to be certified by recognized institutions, such as the American Heart Association or the Red Cross. It’s essential to ensure that your certification is current and to be aware of any liability concerns when teaching these skills.

How can a nurse transition into medical writing or blogging without prior experience?

Answer: While prior writing experience can be beneficial, it’s not always necessary. Nurses can start by taking online writing courses or attending workshops. Starting a personal blog or contributing guest posts to established medical websites can also provide practical experience. Over time, with consistent effort and networking, nurses can establish a portfolio and gain credibility in the medical writing realm.

For telehealth services, are there specific platforms or software recommended for nurses?

Answer: Yes, several platforms are tailored for telehealth services, including Teladoc, Amwell, and Doxy. me. However, before choosing a platform, it’s essential to ensure it complies with health information privacy regulations (like HIPAA in the U.S.) and offers features that cater to your needs.

How can nurses ensure that their side hustle, like health podcasting or vlogging, reaches a wider audience?

Answer: Growing an audience requires time and strategic effort. Consistently producing quality content, engaging with listeners or viewers, collaborating with other content creators, and promoting content on various social media platforms can help. Additionally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and targeted advertising can also effectively reach a wider audience.

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